The Faculty of Theology offers a wide range of courses with different combinations of subjects and fields of work. On these pages you will find information about studying, promoting young people and the counseling services at the Faculty of Theology at Heidelberg University.

Studying at the Faculty of Theology often leads to the “classic” professions, e.g. pastorate in a Protestant regional church or teaching post at general or vocational high schools. However, our bachelor's and master's programs offer a wide range of qualification and study opportunities.

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„It was a great experience to study at the Theological Faculty of Heidelberg University. Above all, I was able to experience that the university's motto (Semper apertus - Always open) was not called into question by the pandemic, because academic and spiritual work was able to continue with the usual momentum during the virus. Secondly, it is important to emphasize that I also benefited academically from my time at the castle, as the seminars provided the framework for my further research. These two crucial elements were made unforgettable by the beautiful city and atmosphere created by the friendly students and professors.“

– Ábel (Károli Gáspár Reformierte Universität, Budapest), 25, 9. Semester

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