Faculty of Theology

With around 700 students (as of November 2019), the Faculty of Theology is one of the most important training centers in Germany for the clergy of the Protestant churches, for Protestant religion in high school teaching and for other theological courses. 

As the oldest theological faculty in Germany, it can look back on a long tradition. Today's faculty consists of three institutes with a total of fifteen professorships. All in all, around 60 people teach and research at the faculty. In addition to the classic theological disciplines of the Old Testament, New Testament, church history, systematic theology, religious studies / intercultural theology and practical theology, the ecumenical institute and the diaconal scientific institute give the faculty a special profile. 

The range of courses offered by the Faculty of Theology is aimed at students of all study phases. Courses in Hebrew, Greek and Latin specially designed to meet the requirements of studying theology open up very good entry-level opportunities in conjunction with an intensive beginner's project and extensive tutorials. Excursions and excavations are also part of the profile, as are regular revision courses to prepare for exams. For all courses and study phases, the faculty is committed to the program of a close connection between research and teaching. The students benefit from the fact that the Faculty of Theology in Heidelberg is one of the most research-intensive institutions of its kind in Germany and is networked worldwide through numerous cooperations with domestic and foreign research institutions as well as through the Research Center for International and Interdisciplinary Theology (FIIT). The faculty also benefits from the advantages of a university that offers a comprehensive range of subjects in the humanities and natural sciences, as well as being in the immediate vicinity of the University of Jewish Studies and a large number of other research institutions.