Prof. Dr. Philipp StoellgerSupervised (post-)doctoral projects

Promotionen (equivalent to PhD)

  • Vuk Begović
  • Viola von Boehn
  • Tobias Friesen
  • Tobias Götze
  • Simon Haug
  • Jenni Kempcke
  • Sergej Kiel
  • Kwangmo Kim
  • Marvin Knoke
  • Dietmar Päschel
  • Roland Stolte

Habilitationen (postdoctoral lecture qualifications)

  • Dr. Patrick Ebert
  • Dr. Christian Jung
  • Dr. Jens Kabisch: Aniconism, the Ban of Images and the Rationale of Symbolic Orders – Towards a Theory of Representation
  • Dr. Rasmus Nagel
  • Dr. Hendrik Stoppel: Myth as Narrative and Normative Order
  • Dr. Zenon Tsikrikas

Completed Projects


  • Dr. Arne Bachmann
  • Dr. Dennis Dietz
  • Dr. Patrick Ebert
  • Dr. Andreas Herrmann
  • Dr. Ying Huang
  • Dr. Christian Jung
  • Dr. Matthias Marks
  • Dr. Rasmus Nagel
  • Dr. Christoph Wiesinger


  • PD Dr. Rebekka Klein: Depotentiation of Sovereignty: Religion and Political Ideology in Lefort, Zizek and Barth
  • PD Dr. Jens Wolff